How to Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number [Easy Guide]


Messaging apps such as Whatsapp are gaining popularity due to an increased usage of the internet in recent years. Unlike normal calling and SMS, Whatsapp gives facility to communicate with anyone with a Whatsapp account without any extra charges. This makes Whatsapp a more reliable choice to use instead of other methods of communication and is actually cheaper than using SIM services.

However, Whatsapp asks for a valid SIM number for registration to actually work on a mobile phone. In case, you want to use WhatsApp without phone number, this becomes a major problem if you do not have a valid SIM card as well as the time to register and buy a new one due to a busy life schedule.

This article will help you to learn how to use Whatsapp without phone number by using different methods to verify your Whatsapp app.

How to Verify WhatsApp with Landline Phone Number

In case you have a landline phone you can also register your Whatsapp using the landline phone number. Just follow the given steps to register your app:

  1. Download and install WhatsApp app on your mobile phone.
  2. Open your app and Whatsapp will ask for a phone number to register the app.
  3. Instead of using your mobile phone number, enter the landline number and continue.
  4. The app will try to register the app using the SMS verification process. (This process will fail)
  5. After failing, select the “Call Me” option to instead verify the app using an automated call.
  6. You will soon get an automated call from on your landline number. The call will consist of the 6 digit verification code repeating over and over. Note down this code after carefully listening to it.
  7. Enter the noted code into your app and Whatsapp will now be registered to your landline for communication.

This is an easy way to bypass WhatsApp mobile number verification in case you have a landline phone available.

Verify WhatsApp with TextNow app

How to use WhatsApp without Phone NumberAnother easy way to verify your Whatsapp is to use another messaging app called TextNow on the phone. TextNow will give you a unique mobile number which you can easily use to register Whatsapp on mobile.

Follow the given steps to register Whatsapp:

  1. Download TextNow on your mobile using the app store. (Google Play Store in Android, iTunes on iPhone or the Windows Phone Store)
  2. Once installed, open the app and complete the setup by following the instructions.
  3. The app will now give you a unique number which you must note down.
  4. In case, you forgot to note down you can find the phone number by tapping on the 3 lines icon located on the left corner of your mobile screen.
  5. Open Whatsapp app and enter your noted number for registration.
  6. The app will try to verify using SMS (This will fail). Once it fails tap on the Call Me option and then an automated call will ring through the TextNow app.
  7. The automated call will repeat your 6 digit code which you need to enter to verify your number and register Whatsapp.
  8. Enter the code in Whatsapp, it will register your mobile using the TextNow number. Now, you can use WhatsApp without phone number.

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