How to Upload HD Videos and Photos to Facebook [With Images]

The bad quality of videos or photos you upload on Facebook is one of the very irritable things about this application; it does not matter if you do it via Facebook on iOS or through the official mobile app for the iPhone and iPad. The problem is not in your smartphone or device either running on iOS or Android. Internet connection quality also does not affect it.

Facebook is quite thoughtful of its smartphone users who completely depend on their data i.e. prepaid or postpaid. Facebook’s mobile app reduces the quality of videos likely in an effort to reduce bandwidth usage. That is the real reason behind it.

How To Upload HD Videos to Facebook Through iOS?

How to Upload HD videos to Facebook

Follow these simple steps to upload high-quality videos on Facebook: [Step-By-Step Guide]

  1. First, Click on Triple Bottom Line, scroll down the page and tap on “Settings & Privacy > Settings.
  2. Under the category of Media and Contacts, Click on “Videos and Photos”
  3. Turn ON the Upload HD option. Now, you will be able to upload high-quality videos and photos through an official mobile app.

From Android [Complete Guide]

how to upload hd photos to facebook from android

In this guide, we will tell you about how to upload HD photos and HD videos on facebook

  1. First, tap on Settings & Privacy > Settings.
  2. Tap “Media and Contacts”
  3. Toggle the On position in the settings for both Videos or Photos.

That was the whole process. Now, you will be able to post videos and photos through your mobile app in high quality. Your videos will be looking quite good. And remember if you turn off the upload HD videos to OFF position in iOS settings app it will automatically be turned OFF in official app for mobile too.

How to Upload HD Video to facebook from desktop [Guide]

  1. Open the in your browser
  2. You should try to upload high-quality videos.
  3. Before uploading the video, make sure that the video is shorter in length
  4. Tap the upload button.

High-quality videos take more time to get uploaded on Facebook and also consume more data. Keep in mind in case of limited data or short time period. You should have a good Wi-Fi connection to post HQ video on Facebook to avoid using your mobile data.

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