How to Share Screen On Discord [With Images]


Discord is one of these software specifically designed for gamers to communicate with each other. It has more than 250 million active users who use it due to the many services provided by this communication hub. Discord allows people to connect their gaming platform such as twitch or steam with your account allowing your friends to see what games you are playing as well as show the game you are currently playing. Moreover, discord also allows people to create a virtual server where different people sharing the same tastes in games band together to create a close-knit gaming community.

Screen Sharing on Discord

Another smart feature of discord is that it allows its user to share their screen with their friends which allows others to see what you are doing on your PC and helps in better communication while playing the same game. However, many people have a problem in using Discord due too its large number of options which makes it hard to share screen with other people.

Discord Screen Share Method:

This article will help you by providing different the correct method to share screen on discord users.

  1. First of all, open the Discord app which you have downloaded from their site and log in to your account.

screen share discord

  1. Once logged in, select the friends you want to share your screen which located on the left sidebar.

discord screen share

  1. Now click on the phone call button which is located next to the selected friend to initiate a call with your friend.

how to screen share on discord

  1. When your friend accepts your call and the call interface opens, click on the discord screen share option icon located on the left of the video icon.

how to screenshare on discord

  1. Second last step on how to share screen on discord, when clicking on the icon the Screen Share options will open on your device. Set up your screen share by adjusting what to be seen from your screen as well as provide the quality of stream and fps.

discord screen sharing

  1. Once done, discord screen share will activate and your friend will be able to see your screen while you chat with them online.

Screen Sharing Limit:

With this, you will now be able to talk with friends while sharing your screen. Be sure to remember that Discord allows a user to share his screen to up to 9 people making it fun way to play with friends while sharing your experience. This makes Discord one of the most favorite communication software for gamers as they can have fun while chatting and sharing their experiences with their friends online.

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