How to Print Multiple PowerPoint Slides on one Page [Complete Guide]


The computers have become an important part of the working society as now no office is complete without a PC or a laptop to complete its functionality. Many offices now use computers for various office related tasks which include document editing, processing and data research. Therefore, this does not come as a surprise that computers have also added the feature of creating presentations.

In the past, people had to create written or printed documents to explain their presentations which were hard to understand and could be boring. Microsoft PowerPoint helps by providing people with the ability to create slides which can be used to help in presentations during office work. PowerPoint helps in simplifying data by dividing it into segments on the slides and also helps the presenter by making him remember what he needs to present and how much of the presentation has been covered.

Using PowerPoint for Presentations

This is why many people consider PowerPoint an essential app in case you need to do a presentation be it for office, schools or community work. Moreover, you can also print the presentation slides onto pages so that you can distribute them to the audience or carry them for practice in places which do not have a computer.

However, sometimes you may wish to print multiple slides on one page to reduce ink and paper usage and make them easier to handle in case the slides are more than 10 pages long. Well PowerPoint also has the feature to print multiple slides onto a single slide which is considered convenient but many people have a problem in accessing that option.

Printing Multiple Slides onto a Single Page

This article will help you by giving instructions on how to print multiple slides on one Page from PowerPoint app.

Follow the instructions in case you use PowerPoint on PC:

  1. Click on the File option on the options bar at the top-side.

how to print multiple slides on one page

  1. Now, select the Print option to open printing settings of your current PowerPoint presentation.

how to print multiple slides on one page pdf

  1. For Settings to increase the number the slides printed on each page click on the downward arrow button which appears next to the Full Page Slides.

how to print 4 slides per page

  1. A Print Layout window for the presentation will open which will contain settings for page orientation and a number of slides per page to print.

how to print powerpoint slides on one page

  1. Select the type of layout and the number of slides per page setting you want for your current print. Now go back and Print the current presentation like you usually do and it will be printed according to your entered settings.
Note: Be sure to remember that PowerPoint can print 9 slides per page but it is recommended to keep it up to 4 in case your slides contain a lot of information. Another useful life trick would be to print the slides on both sides of the same page in case you want to save pages or are low on them.

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