Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beginner’s Guide (Strategy To Defeat The Enemy)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beginner's Guide

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game developed and published by Moonton for iOS and Android platforms on 9 November 2016 worldwide. First, we will start with the basic points. Everything is detailed so that even the newbies may understand.

Learning the Map

In this game, you have to pay special attention towards the map and learn all the different aspects of the map. The main aspects are lanes, jungle and sub-bosses.

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The main way to reach the enemy’s base and destroy it before he destroys yours, is through lanes. Mainly, there are three lanes: top, middle and bottom-placed accordingly on the map. Each lane has its own restrictions and lets only a certain type of roles to pass through. The top lane is used by fighters, the middle lane is used by assassins while the bottom lane is used by tanks. This means that the characters will face the same type of enemy heroes from the enemy which means that it all comes down to strategy. Another thing you have to keep in mind is that the lanes are guarded by turrets and you can’t destroy your enemy’s base until you destroy the turrets protecting that base. Minions are regularly spawned from your base through the lanes to attack the turrets and the smart way is to send your troops after the minions so that they receive some protection from the turrets and can then easily defeat the enemy heroes present on each location.


The area between the lanes is called jungle which not only gives you a direct shortcut between lanes but also contains experience and gold which you can receive by farming. The jungle can also be harmful at times as some dangerous monsters are present which can jump out at you at any given time but after you kill these monsters, you receive more gold and experience as a reward. After you kill these animals they respawn after some time which gives a nice enough window to other players for farming. As your level increases, the monsters become tougher and the rewards become greater. If you want to a jungle in a game along with fighting you need to choose a character which has good jungling skills. The jungle can also be used to hide and plan surprise attacks on the enemy or to earn bonuses such as mega damage and double experience.

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Sub-bosses are extremely difficult and tough enemies spawned late into the game. They are extremely hard to defeat single-handedly and a team is needed to take them down and are perfect for someone looking for some adventure. But, all this trouble is worth it when you receive all the bonuses it contains which can easily make the match one sided if one team defeats the sub-bosses back to back.


Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games are always team-based which means that no one can win without teamwork which makes this the most important aspect of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games because even if one of the players is a rookie the others can help him in becoming a better player by covering him when he needs help and giving him tips. Your team should always be balanced and everyone should be assigned a particular task so that their isn’t too much focus on a single character type. Good junglers help players in different lanes and then go back to jungling. Teamwork is vastly improved by the aid of communication. In a mobile game, communication is hard but it can still happen and it can be really helpful when you are in a pickle.

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How To Defeat The Enemy

Your main aim shouldn’t be to defeat the enemy heroes, it should be to destroy the enemy’s base. But, before destroying the enemies base you need to reach the enemies base which is the main difficult task as you will have to go through enemy minions in every lane, kill their heroes and destroy the three turrets present in each lane. The main hurdle in your quest towards the enemy’s base are the three turrets in each lane. How you’ll destroy them is by first pushing at least a couple of heroes in the lane but only after minions have spawned. The heroes will follow the minions and when they reach the attack ring of the tower, they will start attacking the tower. The minions will soon be destroyed and then all you can do is wait for the next swarm of minions. Be careful of the enemy heroes as they will try their best to protect their turrets. After you have destroyed your first turret, you’ll have two more to go until you can reach the enemy’s base. The best help you can get during this process is by a jungler who can occasionally drop in to help when you are in a bad position.

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