3 Best Alternative Anime Streaming Sites Like KissAnime


Kissanime is a free streaming website which boasts a large collection of anime both old and new with online services including a handy search option. Other than being free Kissanime also has a quality stream service which works for lower speed internet connections without any problem. However, sometimes Kissanime website may be down due to certain net issues.

Anime trend has reached its peak in the current era. Every person from children to adults have a certain favorite anime they like to watch and are likely to discuss with their friends to share the joy. Famous examples include Attack on Titan, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho and many more which have a huge following among the people around the world.

Best KissAnime Alternative Websites Of All Time

However, there are only a few channels which only show anime and are always way behind the actual release date. Due to this, many people prefer streaming them online rather than waiting for their favorite anime to be actually aired on their cable channels. To cater to the needs of the people there a lot of best anime streaming sites online, providing people with a central hub to watch all their favorite anime without having to go to different websites.

This article will provide KissAnime alternatives to watch anime online without any problem.



Crunchyroll is one of the most popular streaming service online which boasts a large collection of anime both in English and Japanese. Moreover, all the available anime are licensed which means you are not violating any copyright law like some other anime streaming sites. Crunchyroll also offers a premium subscription offer which removes all ads and provides a smoother watching experience on PC as well as mobile devices.


  • A large collection of anime and other shows
  • 100% legal (No piracy issues)
  • Fast streaming and extra options
  • No ads (Paid Subscription)

Anime Planet

Anime Planet

Anime-Planet is another best Kissanime alternative with a huge following. This site was made and is managed by anime fans and provides a quality service with advanced search and comment ability. It is advised to create an account before watching any anime on Anime-Planet as this website also acts as a hub to connect with other anime fans which will improve your anime experience.


  • A large collection of free to watch anime online.
  • Advanced search and comment function
  • Hub to connect with other anime fans.



GoGoanime is another free anime streaming site with a large collection of anime both subbed and dubbed. All anime are listed in an alphabetical order making them easier to find and watch. Moreover, each anime has several different servers to watch your anime. They can be changed in case one is not working for easy access. Anime video quality can also be changed to make the stream faster and more optimized with slower network connections.


  • A large collection of anime with different servers
  • Anime shown is alphabetical order providing better-searching ability
  • Can alter video quality to suit internet speed.

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