Easy Way to Put iTunes on Chromebook

iTunes on Chromebook

However, Chromebook does not offer the ability to use iTunes on its system due to which many people have a problem in accessing their created music playlist which has been stored on their iPhone. This creates various problems for many people as they have to manually search those songs again on the internet to recreate their playlist which is much difficult.

Alternative methods to use access iTunes on Chromebook:

However, there are some alternative ways through which you can access iTunes on Chromebook without any problems. This will help by explaining those ways and making your Chromebook experience much more fulfilling in case you use an iPhone.

  • Direct and Complicated Method

The first and foremost direct method to put iTunes on Chromebook would be to recreate your playlist from scratch. You’ll have to note down all the songs which all listed in your iTunes and then download them again on your Chromebook. Then you will have to organize your songs to make sure that no older song is forgotten from your iTunes playlist. This method can time consuming and can be a hassle but is the most optimal solution with no further complications.

  • A faster way to access your songs:

In case of having a problem in finding and downloading you can also directly copy and paste them by accessing the data on your iPhone using a data cable. All you have to do is download all the music files inside the iTunes folder on the connected mobile device to get all your songs back. However, you are not able to create your own playlist and will have to use another third-party music software on your Chromebook.

  • Syncing Google Play Music with iTunes:

Another method would be to sync your iTunes playlist with Google Play Music service of Chromebook. All you have to do is follow the given instructions:

  1. Download and install Google Play Music on your Chromebook.
  2. Now open the installed application and copy your iTunes music you have downloaded on your iPhone.
  3. A common method would be to use a data cable to access your data on your iPhone by selecting the iTunes folder.
  4. Google Play Music will now automatically create a playlist containing all your songs which have been transferred making listening to your favorite songs easier than ever.
  • Using a Virtual Machine to access iTunes:

Another alternative method would be to use a virtual machine on your Chromebook which will simulate a Mac or Windows OS. While this method may allow access to iTunes it is considered unfeasible due to the virtual machine software being unreliable and slowing down your system performance.

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