How to Clear Browsing History on iPhone permanently [With Images]


All the data about the things you search on your phone gets stored. This makes easier for users to find something they searched or if they missed a call or text. But it also takes a whole lot of your memory causing slowing down of your device. It also puts your privacy at risk. Everyone can see what you are doing on your phone. If you’re worried about someone seeing something they shouldn’t, you should learn about how to clear browsing history on iPhone, or erase everything permanently.

Steps to delete Safari browsing history on iPhone

Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  1. Navigate to the Settings app
  2. Now scroll down your screen and click on “Safari“.
  3. Now again scroll down in the Safari menu and click on “Clear History and Website Data“. A pop up message will asking for your confirmation.
  4. Tap again on Confirmation that you want to delete the history. After confirming, all the history i.e. browsing history, cache, auto fill and the cookies will be cleared. And if your device is synced with other devices with your iCloud account then your history will be automatically cleared from iCloud too.
  5. Finally, you’ve cleared all browsing history using this how to clear browsing history on iPhone guide.

How to Clear Browsing History on iPhone

How to Clear History from the Chrome App itself?

You can also use this method to clear browsing history on your device. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Chrome app
  2. Scroll down and Click on the Menu button () and select “Settings“.
  3. Click on the “Privacy” option. Another menu will appear again showing diverse options of reset.
  4. Click on “Clear Browsing History” to delete your history. Confirmation message asking for your permission to delete will appear.
  5. Click on “Clear All” to clear all of your browsing data. This will delete your cache, history, site data, and cookies.
  6. Tap “Clear Saved Auto fill Form Data” to erase auto-fill information. All the suggestions that show up when you choose text field will be deleted too.

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