How to Hide Friends on Facebook from Other Friends

How to Hide Friends on Facebook

Facebook is a social networking service with its aim in building relationships. It is used by millions of people around the globe to create a virtual profile and be able to connect to their friends on the internet. Facebook allows a person to create an account which identifies his individual identity on the internet. The user can then use this account to find his friends and create new friends by interacting with other accounts and viewing their social profile info and posts. However, due to privacy concerns certain users feel uncomfortable when another stranger tries to see his list of friends on Facebook.

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Facebook by default publicly displays all your friends on your account in case another user tries to view your social account. This article will help you in ensuring data privacy by giving a detailed step by step process on how to change Facebook settings to make sure that your friend list is only viewable by your friends or only you.

Easy Way to Hide Friends on Facebook For [PC and Mobile]

  1. To start off open your web browser and type in the official website address for Facebook,

How to Hide Friends on Facebook

  1. Doing so will load the official homepage for Facebook. From the webpage fill in both upper right side boxes with your email address and the respective password, you assigned to your account. If you have registered mobile as well, then you can use your mobile phone number instead of your email address to log in to your account.

How to Hide Friends on Facebook

  1. On logging in, click on the downward triangle button at the top right side of Facebook. This will open a separate menu with a list of options.

How to Hide Friends on Facebook

  1. From the options select Settings. This will send you to another page featuring all the Setting related features of Facebook.

How to Hide Friends on Facebook

  1. From “Settings select Privacy” option in the left column.

How to Hide Friends on Facebook

  1. After that, try to find the Who can see your friend list? option and click on the Edit button on the far right of the option.

How to Hide Friends on Facebook

  1. You to select on the desired audience to which you want to show the friend list. In case, you want your friend list to be seen by friends you can select the “Friends” option. Otherwise, select “Only me” to hide from other friends.

How to Hide Friends on Facebook

  1. “Only me” option will make your friend list invisible to all other users.

With this, you’ll now be able to easily change your account settings to ensure data privacy.

Note: However, it should be kept in mind if you select “Friends” then other people may still be able to see mutual friends whenever they will visit your facebook profile. This means that certain friends are still visible to other users who are friends with your friends but do not have any connection with you. Your friends also have the ability to control their privacy and another person can still find out that you are a friend to another user by accessing his friend list which may be public to the users. If people see your relationship with another profile then they are also able to see it the News Feed Section as well.

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