How to Use Google Chromecast Without Wifi [Working Methods]

How to Use Google Chromecast Without Wifi

Normally, Google Chromecast connects straight to the internet with a Wi-Fi connection. If you do not have access to internet connection then you can set up a local Wi-Fi network, this will allow you to use chromecast without any kind of web access.

chromecast without internet

In case, you do not want to use the expensive connection or sometimes internet connection also restricts the usage. It is also not safe to use open Wi-Fi because there will be a risk of your data being compromised. Another reason is that you have already downloaded movies/TV shows to your device and want to see the content on the big screen. Today, you’ll learn about how to use Google Chromecast without wifi in simple steps.

How to Use Google Chromecast Without Internet [Step-By-Step Guide]

  1. Your Chromecast should be updated to its latest version. Even though it can work without an internet connection, it still should be updated to its newest version.
  2. On the device you are using, navigate to Google Cast-ready app and tap on “Cast” button.
  3. Your device will automatically start searching for nearby well-suited devices. First, find the screen you want to watch your favorite shows/movies and select it.
  4. You will get a message of 4 digit pin. Write the pin in your Chromecast app to proceed with the connection.
  5. Your device has established a connection and now you can cast the stored content you want to see to the screen that is connected to Chromecast.

How to Use Google Chomecast with a Travel Router

The users can also use a travel router to create a local Wi-Fi network that can be used to connect your Chromecast with another device.

  1. Before going outside, set up your travel router and consign it a name called SSID with password.
  2. By using an app on your device i.e. (iOS or Android) connect your Chromecast to the travel router.
  3. When you are at the new place just plug in with the travel router, the network will be established. You will be able to connect your device to the chromecast without wifi available.
  4. Connect your router to the device which you want to cast to. If you are not at home and staying at some other place you must open the settings of television to select the router and then type the password.
  5. If the router is not showing then manually enter the SSID and password. Open the device’s network settings by giving your name and password.
  6. Once the connection is established, the television will work as a destination for you to cast. Open your Chrome cast app and choose it as a streaming destination. This app is available on iOS and the Google Play store.
  7. Now, you can easily stream the content you stored on the television without an internet connection.


The option of mirroring is also available on Android not on iOS. To mirror your Android device, open the Chromecast app and click on the menu in the very top left corner, tap on Cast Screen/Audio, and then select your Chromecast device.

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